Monday, March 13, 2006

Stop holding my hand

A flamboyantly homosexual man walks into a bar. Ouch. It was a violently homophobic biker bar, and he was roundly thrashed.
An old joke

For years "it's political correctness gone mad" has been the favourite buzz-phrase of the Neo-Conservative far-to-middling right. And yet it's a chorus being taken up by long-haired hemp sucking hippies as more and more hand-holding legislation takes away our God (or equivalent) given right to refer to each other as we damn please. Into the limelight steps Sarah Silverman. Proudly Jewish and openly a lady, with the breasts and cervix such a gender often entails, her snippy brand of shock-'til-they-spunk comedy is stunning audiences across America.

In a world where a grown man cannot masturbate discretely during an Aaron Carter concert, we need more people like Sarah Silverman.


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