Monday, April 17, 2006

Fucked Thumb Syndrome, or, The Mobloggers Lament

With a bang and a flash of LED flame, Helio enters the US carrier market. "Helio?" I hear you mutter, "who the mascara-arse are they?" and rightly so... let's boil them down to "MySpace on your mobile"

Reading's interview with the imaginatively-named Sky Dayton, Helio's CEO, one thing is made abundantly clear: milking the concept of "young, passionate consumers" is still going strong. Let's tune into some Sky..

" networking is happening, MySpace, etc., but nobody’s taken that mobile. That’s really where people really want to interact with that stuff, is when they’re out in the world, right? They don’t want to be blogging about what they did last night; they want to be blogging about what they’re doing right now. They want to be taking pictures and uploading"

Don't get me wrong, Sky, but when our go-getting social networker is in the midst of his partying/shopping/abseiling isn't s/he going to be more interested in, well, doing that rather than broadcasting it? If you've ever tried to update your blog via a mobile then you'll be familiar with fucked thumb syndrome as your digits spasm riotously while T9 milks your creativity dry. "So upload some photos" I hear you bleat, but how expensive is that going to be? The sort of young MySpacers services like these are aimed at don't tend to have the disposable income to be blasting off chunky jpegs left right and proverbial centre.

I'd quite like to be proved wrong, just so I could be bitter and sarcastic about it, but I don't think I will be.


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