Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Let's all put on some headphones

Blog reader and raconteur, Yassar Caravan, writes:

Dear Chris, yes and what of it, I'm trying to go to the gym, isn't it we all, and am dead leazy [sic] only do a minute or so on damn crazy treadmill it blows. Why not a podcast for us old swaggers, me cocker?

I'm always open to suggestions (clean or otherwise) from readers, so without further ado (or much consideration) here is the inaugural Dante's Handcart Haiku Podcast or, to be sodding jaunty, Dante's 'KuKast.

Right-click & 'Save as'

Weighing in at 0.2mb and 13 seconds, it's ideal for those quiet moments of solitude in-between, say, the pleasurable warm wetness of a gentle pantswetting and the shuddering coldness of your soggy knickers.


At 11:43 am, Blogger Sara said...

Eeeewwwww chris! Eeewwwww!

At 12:19 pm, Blogger Chris said...

I'm going to assume that this is an Eeeewwwwwww of delight.

At 12:56 pm, Anonymous Andrew said...

Love it!

At 1:00 pm, Blogger Chris said...

Why thank you! My thinking is that <20 seconds is something even the busiest of busy-beavers can fit into their busy day.

Damned busy-beavers, stealing our jobs.


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