Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ride 'em, cowboy

We know what you're thinking - Dante's Handcart is unnaturally obsessed with S&M, leather fetishism and pseudo-sexual dominance playtime. And you're right. But the world keeps pumping out the sexy toys and we keep linking to them. Amen, brother.

The latest BDSM-crossover to get linklove is the high-lariously named Daddle, a leather saddle for tender children to ride their father with. The pony-play connotations of this one are almost too easy, but we'll ink those dots (NSFW) in for you anyhow.

As previously noted, bondage has its own silky way of traipsing into modern culture. The New York Times, incidentally the titular paper of the city that today's blog post comes from, recently raided the fantasy-play scene for an article on mainstream fashion's borrowing of high-kink style. We like to think that they only did it because we did. Products like the Daddle just grease that transition.


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