Monday, May 29, 2006

Pants Stance

Skulking like some feathered nonce into your step-daughter's room comes news that Orange Skin - a neo-Starckian mashup of contemporary design cum zeitgeist flippancy - is selling Triple B Studio's paraiconic UndyRug for a startling $30. Before you slide out your debitable finest, however, let's turn with surprising swiftness to those clockwork culture varmints at Sensory Impact and see what they splutter...

"Ignore the blurb -> ‘Perfect for the little boys room or even the big boys who are little boys at heart!’ This underwear shaped bathroom rug is the last thing a ‘little’ or even a ‘big’ boy would be caught dead with in his room"

Yikes, that's some bile, babies! Forgive me if I dress as the proverbial cat's anus and wave my query prong underneath your sexy noses, but given a quick googling (safe search off, natch) tells us that there are over two and a quarter million hits for "men underwear fetish" I'd wager there are plenty of boys big, small and in-between who'd quite fancy a massive pair of pants on their bathroom floor.

If anything, this opens up bathware to all sorts of fetish avenues. Take my hand for a moment and let me lead you down a sullen little bitch of an avenue where lovers of gas masks (NSFW) and avisodomists can decorate their wetrooms with absorbent, deep-pile representations of their particular penchant. Think of it as equal opportunities if you must, or at the very least a new and vaguely more interesting item to drip your toothpaste spittle onto.


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